L28 is a brand for the modern Asian consumer, strategically designed across all digital touch points to resonate with its key consumer demographic. 

L28’s data analysis reveals patterns which are quickly turned into marketing initiatives and trigger powerful two way interactions between the consumer and the producer. 

L28 precisely adapts marketing and product offerings to suit those ever-evolving consumer demands and tastes. L28 marketing strategies operate using the highest level of data collection.



L28 Blockchain takes supply chain transparency to an all-new level, merging the digital and physical world and recording a products journey from paddock to plate. 

The blockchain database is an unalterable history of all transactions, including Australian Government product verification. The final buyer can access a complete record of information and trust that the information is accurate and complete. 

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A Direct to Consumer (D2C) model empowers consumers with the ability to buy directly from the company. This is simple in concept, but it is something the market is lacking. Chinese consumers consistently questioning the authenticity of produce redistributed by local wholesalers and retailers.

L28 takes marketing to a interactable level utilising virtual reality and augmented reality to give consumers an enhanced experience and the opportunity to not just buy a product, but a piece of the Australian lifestyle.