L28’s ground-breaking new technologies and marketing initiatives humanise global consumer interactions, capitalise on growth markets and overcome the complexities of meeting overseas demands. L28 has a consumer focused mindset and modern approach to integrating a traditional export model into the digital worlds of e-commerce, social media, advanced data analytics, augmented reality and blockchain technology. 

L28 is breaking down cultural barriers and distances. We are  applying new technologies and modern sciences to better position product offerings, whilst also developing our own innovations to connect and open a window of transparency.

China is a large, complex country with significant regional cultural variation, requiring a sophisticated approach to identifying and developing opportunities for Australian produce.

L28 aims to advance the uptake, trust in and high regard for authentic, quality Australian produce in China.

Demand for imported beef is forecast to grow as the number of wealthier consumers in larger cities in China increases. Consumer demand for premium imported beef is expected to continue to grow, driven by increasing urbanisation, disposable incomes, premiumisation and health awareness.

At L28, we have an in-depth understanding of the Chinese market through much research and personal experience. This knowledge and data has formed the basis, of which every single business decision is now driven, including pricing, packaging, product offerings, marketing, brand drivers and guiding digital developments.